Police seek man over hit and run involving elderly pedestrian in Lamphun

Police in Lamphun are seeking assistance in finding a man involved in a hit and run involving a elderly pedestrian along the Lamphun Moat in Mueang Lamphun Oct. 27.

Video footage of the accident (see below) shows an older woman, described as a grandmother, crossing the road along the moat when a driver on a motorcycle, traveling at speed, hits her then drives off.

The well being of the grandmother is unknown although she was taken to hospital.

The suspect is male, maybe late teens, early 20s (pictured above). Anyone with information is asked to contact Lamphun Police on 063-1287100, 085-8643095 or 053512042.

จิตใจความเป็นมนุษย์คือมึงไม่มีเลย ก่อนยายกูจะข้ามถนนถ้าดูในคลิปคือแกดูฝั่งที่มอไซต์จะมาแล้ว แต่มอไซต์แม่งมึงมาเร็วมากๆ มึงรีบไปตายรึไงสัส จะผิดจะถูกกูไม่ว่านะแต่มึงไม่สนใจใยดีกับคนแก่ที่ล้มลงถนนเลย นี้มึงยังเป็นคนอยู่รึป่าววะไอ้เวร !!!!!

Posted by Nuynui Sirinthip on Sunday, October 27, 2019