Police seek woman who stole money from a donation box at Phayao Wat

A woman described as being middle-aged is the main suspect in the investigation into the theft of money from a donation box at Wat Si Ungkham, Muang Phayao.

The theft occurred on May 30 but was not discovered until June 2 as monks at the Wat who were retrieving money discovered a box had been tampered with.

CCTV footage from the Wat shows a middle-aged woman wearing a green shirt, black pants and carrying an umbrella having entered the Wat at 12:40 p.m. on May 30 before approaching the box and stealing money from it. She went unnoticed at the time due to the Wat itself being busy due to ongoing activities relating to Visakha Bucha Day the day prior.

Police are investigating the matter and a seeking to identify the thief.