Police Shut down 3 Major Streaming Websites

Illegal Streaming Websites Shut Down

The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has expanded an investigation to shut down three major streaming websites for illegally streaming films which generated an income of about 7 million baht a month.

On Friday, Pol Lt Col Wichai Suwanprasert, head of the DSI’s Bureau of Technology and Cyber Crime said the bureau had on Sunday raided four properties, one in Bangkok, one in Nakhon Pathom and two in Samut Prakan, where the websites were being run from.

The police confiscated five computers, three mobile phones, two notebooks and several bank books and ATM cards and pulled the plug on kingiptv.info, skyhdbox.com, and hdlive.site

“These websites were streaming copyright material belonging to True Visions Group Co and the Motion Picture Association without permission,” said Pol Lt Col Suwanprasert.

The crackdown followed an expanded probe prompted by nine raids across the country on 22nd October in which the DSI seized 11 computers and shut down a number of offending websites.

After the October raid, the operators of the three sites relaunched under new URLs, kingiptv.cc became kingiptv.info, doohdbox.com became skyhdbox.com and hdplay.tv changed to hdlive.site.


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