Policeman hailed as hero for talking down suicidal schoolgirl from Superhighway overpass

A policeman is being hailed as a hero after he talked down a schoolgirl who was threatening to jump off the Superhighway overpass bridge in Dan Chan last night.

The unnamed girl, believed to be a Matthayom 6 student which would place her at either 17 or 18, was spotted by passing motorists just before 9 p.m. with both police and emergency services attending the scene.

After emergency services workers failed to talk the girl down, who in a video taken at the scene is screaming and crying, she was approached by Col. Piyapun Patpong Pongsin, Deputy Director of Chiang Mai Police Station (Provincial District 5) who had more luck, managing to talk her down then grabbing her when the opportunity arose.

Later, the girl told police that she has family problems, her parent often fight and that she was struggling in school, leading her to believe that suicide was her best option.

She taken to the police station where she was seen by a physcologist before being released to her parents as her mental state was deemed to have improved.