Pregnant woman allegedly abused by rod daeng driver at Arcade Bus Station

A pregnant woman was allegedly blocked in then abused by a rod daeng driver who thought she was working for Grab at the Arcade Bus Station in Wat Ket yesterday, June 17.

The woman, Mrs. Jaruwan Sukpunya, shared her story on Facebook, explaining that she was at the bus station to pick up her mother.

She claims that she had stopped for no longer than five seconds when the rod daeng driver blocked her path, came to her window then “scolded” her. She added that she was scared for her safety and was concerned that the rod daeng driver was going to attack her.

There is apparently dash cam footage of the incident but at the time of writing it has not been shared.

Mrs. Sukpunya said she reported the incident and was sharing her story to warn others that rod daengs are “very dangerous.”

“You do not have the right to do this to others,” she noted.

The Nakhon Lanna Transport Cooperative is yet to comment on the reports but in advance, it’s fairly safe to say that they’ll either label the incident a misunderstanding or claim that it wasn’t one of their members and that the rod daeng had been shared to non-members without their knowledge.

In the event any action is taken against the driver – highly unlikely, the two possible outcomes are a small fine or alternatively a cushy job as a tourist greeter at the Arcade Bus Station.

Image: komchadluek