Prime Minister Apologises For Spraying Reporters With Hand Sanitiser

Prime Minister Sprays reporters

On Friday, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha apologised for spraying reporters with hand sanitiser at a weekly news conference on Tuesday.

He said he didn’t mean to harm or disrespect them as they sometimes joked with each other.

“Who spread the pictures? I was joking with you. Therefore, from now on, we won’t joke with each other. That’s it,” he said.

After answering several questions, Gen Chan-o-cha was asked about a possible cabinet reshuffle.

He told the reporters to mind their own business, before grabbing a bottle of liquid alcohol and dousing the front row of reporters.

The PM was criticised by Thai and foreign media, many saying he had been disrespectful, even insulting, towards the reporters, although some journalists at Government House said they realised it was only meant as a joke.


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