Prime Minister orders that smog crisis be fixed within 7 days

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha visited Chiang Mai this morning, April 2 to assess the smog crisis and to order that the problem is fixed within seven days.

General Prayut made several stops during his five-hour visit to the smog-drenched north, visiting volunteers as well as meeting with the same Government representatives and experts who have failed to address the smog crisis so far.

Affectionately known as “Big Tu,” the PM said that everyone must “help each other mobilize intelligence to solve all problems in all dimensions of the problem” before adding that the “problem is to be solved within the next 7 days, both in the mountain forests, agricultural areas and urban areas.”

Other advice from the PM included a need for government to work in a more integrated matter, that the public sector must be involved and that work patterns must be adjusted to suit the situation.

At one point, the PM even profoundly suggested that more must be done to prosecute people starting fires.

“Let’s follow the situation, solve the smog and wildfires in the northern area to help brainstorm the solution to all dimensions, which will solve this problem,” PR Chiang Mai quotes the PM as saying.