Psychic palm healer credited with curing patients in Mae Hong Son

A visiting psychic palm healer is being credited with curing locals of their ills after making a visit to a Wat in Mae Hong Son yesterday, May 12.

Doctor Ek, who offers a “Palms of Psychic Power” service, tended to believers at Wat Sri Bunrueang in Mae Sariang.

Around 500 people are said to have visited throughout the day to witness the alleged healing with others asking for palm power to assist with illnesses including back, joint and limb pain, disc herniation, broken bones, “paralysis of the blood vessels in the brain,” being unable to walk and of course – cancer.

It’s not clear from Thai language reports whether the Doctor actually delivered on his cures but locals certainly think he did.

Naturally, these services do not come free with each treatment requiring a payment, part of which the doctor promises to donate.