Raid finds fake face masks being sold in Sri Phum cosmetics shop

A raid led by Mueang Chiang Mai Police has uncovered fake face masks being sold from a cosmetics shop in Sri Phum yesterday, Feb. 6.

The tip-off for the raid came from Mr. Thawatchai Thaiwiriya, 69, the owner of the Chiang Rai-based cosmetics manufacturer Spring Green Cosmetics who makes the legitimate face masks.

Around 10 large boxes of fake “RAY” brand face masks were sold in the shop. Each individual mask sells for between 300 to 500 baht.

Mr. Thaiwiriya told media that the fake masks were being manufactured in China and not only don’t work but can cause blemishes and even skin cancer.

The owner of the cosmetics store was not present during the raid with staff saying they hadn’t seen him for between two to three days.

Police are currently attempting to locate him.