Rayong Woman Tests Positive for COVID-19 in Chiang Mai

Kittiphan Chalom Chiang Mai Public Health Office

Kittiphan Chalom, assistant chief of the provincial public health office, announced that Chiang Mai has registered its 47th COVID-19 infection with a 46-year-old woman from Rayong’s Muang district.

Dr Chalom said the woman arrived by air in Chiang Mai from U-tapao, Rayong, on Saturday morning with her husband, their two children and a nanny.

They were picked up from the airport by her mother. They stopped to visit the family of the woman’s sister before proceeding to stay at a house near the railway station.

Shortly afterwards, the woman suffered from a dry throat with a 37.4°C temperature. She realised that on Thursday she went to a fitness class in Rayong and was in close contact with a trainer who later tested positive for COVID-19.

About 5 pm on Saturday, she went to a private hospital in Chiang Mai for testing.

The woman was confirmed infected about noon on Sunday and admitted to Nakornping Hospital for treatment.

An investigation revealed she had close contact with a total of 127 people, 30 of them deemed high risk and 97 low risk and including 11 medical personnel. An appointment had been made for them to report for testing. Those at high risk would be quarantined for 14 days.

Dr Chalom stressed that Chiang Mai had measures in place to handle three different groups of people on arrival.

1, People who had contact with infected people or had travelled to areas hit by COVID-19. They can report for testing at all hospitals.

2, People who arrived in Chiang Mai from areas where COVID-19 had spread, but did not have close contact with infected people or go to the spots where the virus was detected. They can voluntarily report to disease control officials for testing free of charge.

3, People who arrived from other provinces are required to follow the guidelines enforced in  Chiang Mai, such as logging in to the CM-Chana system and wearing face masks in crowded places.


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