Region 5 police raid illegal e-cigarette shop in Mae Hia

Region 5 police have raided a shop front in Mae Hia that was making and selling vape juice, liquid used in electronic cigarettes as well as selling e-cigarettes.

The raid, at 5 p.m. yesterday July 5, uncovered facilities where vape juice was being made including large amounts of chemicals as well as over 1 million baht worth of e-cigarettes. Although reports don’t mention the name of the business, police allege that the juices and e-cigarettes were being sold online.

Thailand has one of the strictest laws in the world against vaping and associated equipment despite many countries legalizing the activity due to its benefits in helping people quit smoking.

The importation and even possession of e-cigarette equipment can result in large fines and jail time with a number of tourists in central and southern Thailand having been arrested in the last 12 months for using e-cigarettes.