Regulations On Online Ride-Hailing Services Announced

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A ministerial regulation on online ride-hailing services was announced in the Royal Gazette on Wednesday, Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob said.

According to the regulation, personal motor vehicles can be registered for online ride-hailing services. The Department of Land Transport (DLT) will now seek opinions from various parties involved and in 30 days announce criteria to support service providers and applications that will be used for the service, Mr Chidchob said.

The regulation will help people make the most of their resources in line with the principle of the sharing economy, he said. People will be allowed to use their personal vehicles to provide ride-hailing services as an alternative to taxis.


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The regulation defines three types of vehicles for registration: small cars with 50-90 kilowatts of engine power; medium-sized cars with more than 90 kilowatts but no more than 120 kilowatts; and large cars with more than 130 kilowatts. Electric cars must be able to travel at least 90 kilometres per hour.

Each person is allowed to register only one personal vehicle, Mr Chidchob said, and the driver must be equipped with electronic communication systems endorsed by the DLT.

For small- and medium-sized cars, the starting fare is no more than 50 baht for the first two kilometres, and no more than 12 baht for each kilometre that follows.

For large vehicles, the starting fare is no more than 200 baht for the first two kilometres and no more 30 baht for each kilometre that follows.


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