Restaurant worker dies from suspected exposure to cold weather in Lampang

A 44-year-old restaurant worker was found dead in another case of suspected death by exposure to cold weather in Lampang this morning, Dec. 11.

The body was found in worker’s accommodation behind the restaurant on the road to Wat Mon Phraya Chom in Phichai, Mueang Lampang.

Mr. Sawai Pulai had been working at the restaurant for a month with his body only discovered when co-worker attempted to wake him up for work this morning. The victim had no known health issues but is described by co-workers as liking a drink which may have played a role in his subsequent exposure to the cold and untimely death.

Channel 3 news reports that temperatures in the area were down to 9.5c overnight with the accommodation itself not sealed from the elements.

The body was taken to Lampang Hospital for an autopsy before being released to relatives for funeral rites.

Photo: Channel 3 news.