Retired solider arrested over brutal murder of San Sai woman, claims self-defense

A 67-year-old retired soldier has been arrested for the murder of a San Sai council worker whose body was found dumped in Samoeng last week.

The body of Miss Wilawan Boonruang, 50 from Moo 3 San Sai Noi was discovered besides Chiang Mai – Samoeng Road in Moo 10 Tambon Samoeng at around 1 p.m. July 18 wrapped in a vinyl advertising sign. Her body was found to be suffering from multiple blows to her face and head.

The accused, retired Lt. Thongpoon Suwannakantha, 67 from Mae Sa, Mae Rim was arrested by Chiang Mai Provincial District 5 Police this morning, July 22 at his home in Mae Rim.

Shockingly, Lt. Suwannakantha told police that he had only attacked Miss. Boonruang in self-defense. Admitting that he had been in a sexual relationship with Boonruang for 10 years, Suwannakantha said that he had tried to break off the relationship but Boonruang attempted to attack him with a kitchen knife. In self-defense, Suwannakantha claims he defended himself by punching her in the face then hitting her on the head with a bottle of beer.

Where the self-defense argument breaks down, however, is that Suwannakantha then admits to strangling her to death with a rope, tying up her body in an advertising sign then dumping it in Samoeng. He also admitted to subsequently pawning a necklace she was wearing as well.

Lt. Suwannakantha has been detained in custody pending a court hearing. He’s been charged with murder (killing someone deliberately) and attempting to secretly move or destroy a body to conceal death or the cause of death.

Some photos: MGR Online