Roadworks begin to widen Superhighway at Rin Kham Intersection

Following months of controversy including a public protest, road works have commenced to widen access to the Superhighway at the Rin Kham Intersection in Chang Phueak.

Following public consultation, the fountain outside of the Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center is to remain but the existing courtyard is to be reduced in size.

The road-widening works have been controversial with some arguing the courtyard outside of Maya has become a popular public place. The complicating factor, however, is that the land was always public and the developers of Maya are alleged to have illegally built the courtyard on public land reserved for the Superhighway.

The roadworks will primarily see an expanded left-hand turn off of Huay Kaew Road cutting into the existing courtyard along with an expansion of the Superhighway side access road along the side of the courtyard.