San Pa Tong abbot accused of inappropriate behavior given 20 day timeout

An abbot at a wat in San Pa Tong accused of inappropriate behavior has been given a 20-day timeout after it was revealed the young girl he was accussed of touching was his granddaughter.

The story made headlines Nov. 29 after Phra Kru Kritsada was caught on CCTV touching the hair of a young girl in the grounds of the wat with locals saying that there had been rumors relating to his behavior for several years.

An investigation launched by the Office of Buddhism in Chiang Mai found that the behavior was inappropriate but in no way sexual as the child was a blood relative. An investigation into allegations that the abbot may have used money from the wat to provide shelter to young girls was found unapproved.

As a penalty, Phra Kru Kritsada was ordered to observe karma and clean his own precepts for 20 days which he did by visiting a wat in Doi Lo Distric to make merit and meditate. No further action will be taken and the abbot will continue to serve at the wat.

Photo: Ejan