San Pa Tong abbot accused of ‘inappropriate behavior’ with young girls

Update: the abbot claims that it was one girl and a nibling. See update at the end. 

An abbot with a seeming hair fetish has been accused of partaking in “inappropriate behavior” at a wat in San Pa Tong

Ejan reports that the unnamed abbot, 63 had been at the wat for 20-years and that while there have been rumors relating to his behavior for several years it has now all come to a head after CCTV caught him in the act.

The inappropriate acts is this case are primarily related to a habit of fondling the hair of children along with him wrapping his arm around them as well – both acts caught on CCTV. Locals also claim that he chats to young girls in a “sexual manner.”

Police said to be investigating along with the Buddhism Office of Chiang Mai but there is some question as to whether the acts are illegal versus simply being creepy. None the less, the locals want action taken against him and removed from the wat.

Update 6 p.m: the abbot has responded to claims that his behavior was inappropriate by claiming the underage child was his niece, the daughter of his brother who is since deceased and who he helps look after.

Photo: Ejan