School Director Caught Putting Spycam in Toilet

School Chief Puts Camera in Toilet

A school director in Nakhon Phanom has been moved to an inactive post pending an investigation into a video showing him placing a camera in the toilet of a pub in this northeastern province.

The head of the primary school in Ban Phaeng district has been assigned to the District 2 provincial education office while the inquiry takes place, said Pholchai Chumpanya, director of the office.

Education officials have set up a fact-finding panel to determine whether the action the man is accused of was intentional or not. If it was deemed to be unintentional, he could face a warning and a salary cut. If it was deemed intentional, the action would be a serious disciplinary violation that would result in dismissal from government service, Mr Chumpanya told local media on Saturday.

So far, no complaints have been filed with police in connection with the incident.

The story came to light when the video was posted on the “Red Skull Forever” Facebook page, which features numerous salacious video exposés and has 106,000 followers.

A message posted with the video said the camera was first placed in the toilet of a pub in Renu district on 7th August. “Someone saw it but the camera was still recording,” it said. “The school director then offered cash to the victim to end the case and threatened the person not to tell others as it would be a waste of time. He claimed to have a relative who is a senior police officer.”

The man accused of placing the spycam had previously served as the director of a school in Mukdahan province before being moved to Nakhon Phanom. Students at his previous school were aware of his conduct but nobody dared expose it, claimed the page.