Security Forces Seize 7 Million Ya Ba Tablets In Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai

Ya Ba Tablets Seized in The North

Security forces patrolling the northern border have seized 7 million “ya ba” pills since over the last 7 days.

Army spokesman Lt Gen Santipong Thammapiya said on Sunday drug smuggling continues along the porous border with Myanmar.

From last Tuesday to Saturday, security forces under Pha Muang Task Force and Narcotics Control Office division 5 arrested two drug smugglers.

On Tuesday, the officials arrested a drug trafficker driving a pickup in Chiang Rai’s Mae Suai district. Officials confiscated four million pills of “ya ba” hidden in crates.

Yaba tablets Seized Chiang Rai

That arrest led to a tip-off of another smuggling operation on Saturday. Officials pulled over a pickup in Chiang Mai’s Mae Taeng district and impounded about three million “ya ba” pills hidden in the car.