Seniors rally for pension increase at Chiang Mai Government Center

Over 100 seniors called on the Thai government to increase the current pension rate at a rally at the Chiang Mai Provincial Government Center in Chang Phueak this morning, Dec. 20.

The rally, organized by the Chiang Mai Elderly Pensioner Driving Group called on the government to increase the pension, also known as the living allowance from its current 600 baht per month to 3,000 baht a month.

The group argues that 20 baht per day, the current rate is not enough to cover the expenses of the elderly causing up to 3 million elderly people in Thailand to become homeless or neglected.

The pensioner group didn’t stop there, however, adding that the government was wasting taxpayer money by acquiring new army equipment and increasing salaries while ignoring the elderly. They also argued that the cost of the increased pensions could easily be covered by the government dedicating only 1% of valued added tax to cover the cost.

A letter demanding the changes was handed over to Mr. Komsan Suwanampa, Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai Province who promised to forward it to government officials in Bangkok.

Photo: Prachatai