Serial hotel thief arrested in Lampang

A man has been arrested in relation to a number of robberies from hotels in Lampang over the last month.

Mr. Chutidet, also known as Ben Saisuk, 33 was a former taxi driver who had lost his license for an undisclosed reason. He then picked work in an industrial estate where he would check in to local hotels under a presumed name.

While visiting the hotels, he would then steal items – including plates, refrigerators, flat screen TVs and others items, some of which he sold at a pawn shop.

Hotels targeted included the Poppy Inn Hotel and the Grand Hotel among others.

Like most crimes in the north, his downfall came via CCTV with police able to trace him via the car he was driving.

Along with being found with stolen property, Mr. Chutidet was also found in possession of yaba. Police believe that he was stealing the goods to pay for his drug habit.