Seven arrested for playing poker for cash in Chang Phueak

Seven people were arrested after they were found playing poker for cash in Chang Phueak yesterday, Feb. 11.

The group, who are described by police as “teenagers,” noting that teenagers is often used to not only describe teens but those in their early 20s in Thailand as well, were found illicitly gambling by the Chang Phueak 4th Area Patrol.

How they stumbled across the group was not disclosed. Usually in theses sort of cases police find gamblers following a tip-off.

The seven were strangely charged with jointly smuggling poker cards without permission.

Gambling is highly illegal in the Kingdom with occasional arrests over the matter. While playing cards for money is clearly illegal, the line between not gambling and gambling is often a fine one with police arresting claw machine operators in Chiang Mai last year.

Photo: Chang Phueak Police