Seven bodies found floating in Mae Sai reservoir

Seven bodies were discovered in a reservoir in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai this morning in a case suspected to involve drug runners.

The bodies were found in a reservoir one kilometer from the Myanmar border and not far from where a shootout between drug runners and the Royal Thai Army occurred in Ban Pa Daeng Luang in Tambon Ko Chang Feb. 24.

It’s suspected that the dead bodies were part of a group of 20 men intercepted by the army in the shootout that resulted in the seizure of 4.2 million yaba tablets.

At the time of the shootout it was believed that the drug runners had fled across the Ruak River back into Myanmar but it would now appear that seven didn’t make it that far.

The cause of the death is currently unknown with the bodies sent to a local hospital for a postmortem examination.

Photo: Bangkok Business News