Shoot out as police capture fake ambulance carrying drugs in Phayao

A joint operation between local police, the Narcotics Control Division and Region 5 Police have seized a fake ambulance carrying drugs in Phayao Province.

Acting on a tip-off, police intercepted the fake ambulance in Moo2, Dok Kham, Dok Khamtai District Sunday night (Sept. 9) at around 8 p.m. but those transporting the drugs did not stop when requested resulting in police having to shoot out the rear tires on the vehicle.

Three suspects in the fake ambulance then attempted to flee on foot but were quickly captured.

It’s not clear from Thai language media how many drugs were in the fake ambulance but is described as being large amounts of Yaba and crystal meth, the two drugs of choice for drug running in the north currently.

Another fake ambulance, also believed to have been designed for drug running, is yet to be located.