Singaporeans, pretties arrested for drinking together in Pa Daet

Two Singaporean men, a home owner and two Thai pretties were arrested by police after they were caught drinking together at a home in Pa Daet April 28.

Police attended the home in Pa Daet after receiving complaints from neighbors that there was a party in the home including alcohol and loud music.

On arrival they found a homeowner, Miss Wirin Phatra, 29, two Singapore nationals, Mr. Chow, 38 and Mr Seow, 28 along with two Thai entertainers – known colloquially as pretties, Miss Jing, 21 and Miss Sutinee, 26.

The owner of the home is said to have invited the two men to her house then hired the pretties to serve them alcohol. Notably, the Singaporean men are said to be currently stuck in Chiang Mai due to the coronavirus lookdowns.

All five were charged with “joining together to do activities or mingling at any place in a crowded place” in violation of the Emergency Decree Act 2005.

Photo: CMPrice