Six arrested in raid on brothel being run from hotel in Chiang Rai

Six people were arrested after police raided an alleged brothel being run from a hotel in Chiang Rai last night, Oct. 15.

The raid took place at an unnamed hotel on the Old Airport Road in Wiang, Mueang Chiang Rai at around 7 p.m.

The raid was the result of a sting operation where a police officer posing as a tourist had contacted the operator of the alleged brothel to arrange for sex on the premises. Having done so, an undercover officer visited room B101 at the hotel where he met with Miss Wan Nipha Chuejarn, 37 from Chiang Mai to arrange for “sex services” for the charge of 1,800 baht.

Once the deal was agreed to, police piled into the hotel and started making arrests. Along with Miss Cheujarn, who is alleged to have been running the brothel, five alleged sex workers were also arrested. Police seized eight mobile phones, cash, playing cards and other personal items.

The five alleged sex workers were charged with prostitution while Miss. Cheujarn was charged in relation to procuring the women for prostitution.

Photo: Chiang Rai Police/ Thairath