Six teens arrested for congregating outside Nakornping Hospital without masks

Six teenagers have been arrested after they were spotting congregating outside Nakornping Hospital in Don Kaeo, Mae Rim without masks March 31.

The teens, aged between 14 and 16 according to 7 HD first made headlines Wednesday in Thai media given that they were in a group together without masks outside a hospital during the coronavirus pandemic.

Adding to the mix is that the teens were told by hospital staff to move and wear masks but responded with “raised voices at officials” before walking into the emergency room at the hospital.

The teens themselves were allegedly there after a relative of one of the group had been admitted to the hospital following an accident.

Along with being given a stern talking to, the teens were released by Mae Rim Police on parole under the Child Protection Act.

Police are asking the public to report anyone gathering in groups without masks by calling 191.

Photo: Ejan