Slaughter House Worker Kills 2 & Injures 5 in Drug Fuelled Knife Rampage

Udon Thani Knife Attacks

A slaughterhouse worker, believed to be high on drugs, killed two girls and wounded four women and a 13-year-old boy in a series of horrific knife attacks in Udon Thani town on Saturday.

He was later identified as Itthiphol Imphueng, 31, from Udon Thani’s Nong Wua So district, who worked at a slaughterhouse in Muang district.

Police said the man drove a motorcycle around the town and attacked people at random.

The first victim was Anchaya Boonyingyuan, 16, whose neck was slashed by Itthipol on Si Chom Chuen road behind the provincial central prison. The girl was rushed to Udon Thani Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The second was a 22-year-old woman, Cholada Hinkham, from Muang district, who was attacked on Surakan road. She was stabbed in the neck and died on the spot.

Itthipol then went on to stab four other women and a 13-year-old boy at different spots along the roads.

Police launched a manhunt and spotted Itthipol at the five-way intersection with a clock tower on Prajak road. He was chased by police and a large number of people. He was finally caught and brought to the police station.

Itthipol appeared to be high on drugs and gave a confusing statement during an enquiry.

He was initially charged with premeditated and attempted murder.