Soldier threatens family with gun following road rage incident in Mae Rim

An arrest warrant has been issued for a soldier who pulled a gun on a family following a road rage incident in Mae Rim yesterday, Dec. 30.

The incident occurred on Chotana Road (Highway 107) in Moo 1 San Pong at around 12:30 p.m.

A family of three, Mr. Amnat Wimol, 54 from Nonthaburi, along with his wife and 19-year-old son were heading towards Mae Hong Son when they decided to stop and purchase a lottery ticket.

The soldier, driving a Toyota Yaris, became annoyed at the family slowing down to purchase the ticket and started to yell abuse.

Words were then exchanged with the soldier pulling a gun and threatening to kill the family. Better still, the whole thing was caught on dashcam.

Mae Rim Police didn’t arrive until after the soldier had left the scene with the family said to be concerned that he may return and shoot them.

The soldier was not named but is expected to attend Mae Rim police station later today with military representatives.