Soldiers praised as motorbike ridden by Swiss tourist catches fire in Pai

Motorcycle Accident

Royal Thai Army soldiers are being praised for providing assistance when a motorbike ridden by a Swiss tourist caught fire in Pai, Mae Hong Son yesterday, Nov. 11.

The drama occurred on Highway 1095 between the erroneously named “World War II Memorial Bridge” (it was built in 1975-76) and Pai town at around 7:30 a.m.

Mr. Foller Pualus, 19 had ridden to the bridge and was heading back to town when he smelled burning from the back of the motorbike. Pulling up, he found the back of the bike on fire.

Soldiers from Task Force 7 Rama 5 were nearby and were first to the scene and provided assistance including putting the fire out and assisting the Swiss tourist.

Pai Police Station is said to be investigating including inviting the manager of the rental company to explain why the motorcycle he had rented out had caught fire.

Photo: Chiang Mai News