Songthaew driver wanted over murder of woman in Chom Thong

An arrested warrant has been issued for a songthaew driver over the murder of a woman found in a fridge in Ban Luang, Chom Thong Oct. 27.

The body of Mrs. Wannee Chira, 58 was discovered after locals smelled a rotting smell coming from the commercial building Mrs. Chira has been living in. Mrs. Chira had moved to Chom Thong around 4-5 months ago and had been living by herself while practicing meditation and Dharma at a nearby wat.

The accused, Mr. Withun Sritabut, 39 from Lampang is officially wanted by police on suspicion of robbery causing the death of another person and receiving stolen goods.

Police allege that Mr. Sritabut, a yellow songthaew driver, had met the victim while providing transport for her from Chiang Mai Airport to Chom Thong and subsequently became friendly with her.

After allegedly murdering her, Mr. Sritabut is said to have taken the victim’s BMW to drive to various areas in the north so as to withdraw money from her account, totaling approximately 1.2 million baht. The accused is also said to have taken his wife and two kids on his travels although the wife is not accused of being involved in the murder.

The current location of Mr. Sritabut is unknown although he is believed to have been spotted in Rayong. Immigration Police at borders have been alerted in case Mr. Sritabut attempts to flee the country.

Work colleagues of Mr. Sritabut interviewed by New TV said that they were shocked that he could have been behind the murder, describing him as courteous, cheerful and diligent. They did note, however, that he had been having marriage problems.

Photo: Daily News