South Korean man working on a 3 year overstay arrested in Nong Pa Khrang

A South Korean man who had overstayed his visa by nearly three years – 1,034 days to be precise, has been arrested at a Korean restaurant in Nong Pa Khrang.

Mr. Kyen Song Lee, 56, was arrested yesterday, Dec. 2 at the E-Rang Restaurant in the Chiang Mai Business Park.

According to immigration police along with overstaying his visa, Mr. Lee had also been operating a website encouraging South Koreans to visit Thailand without having obtained a work permit.

Gen. Pong Anant, the head of the operation that led to the arrest, said that Immigration would continue to target foreign nationals who are staying and/or working in Chiang Mai illegally.

Mr. Lee is facing prosecution and then a 10-year ban from Thailand under the “good guys in, bad guys out” policy.