Stray water buffalo attacks local in center of Phayao, escapes into lake

A stray water buffalo caused havoc in Phayao yesterday, Aug 12 when it attacked a passing motorcyclist before fleeing into Phayao Lake to avoid capture.

The rogue water buffalo attack took place in the center of Phayao near Wat Sri Umong in Wiang, Mueang Phayao at around lunchtime.

According to the victim, Mr. Phongsak Na-Nuan, 22, he was riding through town when a pickup truck suddenly swerved in front of him. Before he knew it, a water buffalo charged at him, striking him and his motorcycle resulting in minor injuries.

The water buffalo fled into nearby Phayao Lake. A search and rescue mission was subsequently launched by the Phayao Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation but after searching for an hour the water buffalo was not found.

Who owned the water buffalo or how it ended up in the center of Phayao is unknown. It’s believed that the water buffalo may have drowned in the lake while attempting to avoid capture.