Student beaten by youth gang outside of San Sai Luang 7-Eleven

A university student has been attacked by a group of young people outside of the San Sai Luang, San Sai 7-Eleven for seemingly being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The attack took place on Highway 1367 just after midnight yesterday, Sept. 24 with the incident being caught on CCTV.

The victim, Mr. Aphimook Saengtui, 22 who posted the video said he was returning home on to Pa Phai, San Sai when he passed a group of “teenagers” near the San Sau Laung municipality building. The teenagers – the word is used reservedly as they may have been in their early 20s, allegedly shouted at him then gave chase.

Mr. Saengtui said he had never seen the youth before and had no history with them.

The video (see below) shows a number of younger people confronting Mr. Saengtui at the 7-Eleven, hitting him. One is clearly shown to have a large knife but fortunately does not use it. Notably, the youth in the video appear to be hill tribe, possibly Tai Yai from Myanmar.

A police report has been made with Mr. Saengtui asking for public assistance in identifying the attackers.

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Posted by Apimook Saengtui on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Photo: Aphimook Saengtui