Students taken to hospital after becoming stuck in Lampang hotel lift

Students were taken to hospital after they became stuck in a lift at a hotel in Lampang Saturday night, Oct. 12.

While the hotel was not named it was described as being in the center of Lampang City, Mueang Lampang with the students becoming trapped at around 10 p.m.

Rescue workers were quick to the scene with the students, 13 in total visiting Lampang from Songkla freed after 20 minutes. Due to a lack of air in the lift, four female students passed out in the lift before being rescued and were taken to hospital. Other students were treated at the scene.

The lift is believed to have become stuck due to it being overloaded by the students. Fortunately there were no serious injuries or deaths.

Photo: Sawang Nakhon Lampang Rescue/Chiang Mai News