Summer Storm Warning For 48 Provinces

Summer Storms

Summer storms could pound up to 48 provinces, mainly in the northern region, through Monday after gusty winds caused slight damage in some northeastern areas, the weather agency warned on Sunday.

The Meteorological Department expected the storm – formed by a high-pressure system from China, Vietnam and Laos – to unleash strong winds and possible downpours in all regions except the South. Northern provinces will be particularly vulnerable, it warned.

At least five provinces in the northeastern region were damaged by storms on Friday and Saturday but no fatalities or injuries were reported, according to a situation update from the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department on Sunday.

Khon Buri and Soeng Sang districts of Nakhon Ratchasima were among areas hit hard by turbulence on Saturday.


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Strong winds blew away the roofs of 30 houses in the two districts, according to local leaders.

Sarmakha village chief Boonchob Ngobkrathok said strong winds and hail lashed the village in Khon Buri for almost one hour, while Chanadilok Nintharatch, the Tambon Organisation Administration chief in Soeng Sang, said a warning had been issued to all villages in Sra Takhien for the coming week.


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