Summer storms cause widespread damage across Chiang Rai

Summer storms caused widespread damage across multiple districts in Chiang Rai yesterday, April 23.

In Chiang Khong District, homes were damaged in Wiang, Sathan and Si Don Chai with many areas also losing power.

In Ban Had Krai, Tambon Wiang over 100 homes lost with roofs with the Royal Thai Army deploying the 3rd Cavalry and the 3301st Rangers to assist in the cleanup. In Wiang Moo 1-14, Sathan Moo 1-16 and Si Don Chai Moo 2,7,12 and 16 there were an estimated 300 homes with roof damage.

Damage was not limited to Chiang Khong alone with heavy hail and roof damage also reported across Wiang Kaen District. Homes were damaged in Lai Nhao Moo 1 and 5, Khun Tan Moo 4 and Pa Tan Moo 4 and 12.

In Chiang Saen District damage was reported in Ban Saeo Moo 8 and 14.

Local disaster management officials along with support from volunteers and the army were deployed to assist with repairs.

Photo: Konlannanews