Survey Reveals How Thais Feel About School Discipline

Thai Classroom

A huge majority of people say abuse and maltreatment of children at schools is unacceptable and everyone should work together to prevent it, according to the result of a survey by the Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, or Suan Dusit Poll.

The poll was conducted online 29th September – 2nd October on 1,896 people throughout the country to compile their opinions on the reported abuse and maltreatment of children in the kindergarten and primary school levels in Nonthaburi and Bangkok.

A majority of respondents, 78.90%, said they had no direct experience of “violence in classrooms” by teachers, while 21.10% said they did.

Such acts of violence included beating with a ruler, a stick and a blackboard eraser, pinching, make loud noises and keeping children in isolation.

Commenting on the reported abuse, with each respondent allowed to choose more one answer, 84.36% said the teachers had overacted; 83.41% said the teachers lacked professional ethics; 79.71% said they were saddened by the report; 74.59% said the abuse indicated negligence on the part of the schools; and, 73.64% said the Ministry of Education should urgently come up with preventive measures.

Asked to comment on teachers involved in the reported violence, 86.77% said they lacked the conscience and spirit of being teachers; 73.33% said the problem showed failures in the screening of teachers; 63.28% said the school administrators were also to blame for negligence; 49.73% blamed it on deteriorating social and economic conditions, causing teachers to be under stress; and 47.18% said the teachers might have family and personal problems.

Asked to suggest ways to solve the problem, 79.80% said school administrators should pay more attention to teachers; 77.32% said the criteria for recruiting teachers should be improved; 72.31% the behaviours of both teachers and children should be monitored; 68.46% said parents must keep a close watch on their children, and 60.76% said harsher punishment should be given to teachers who resort to violence.