Tai Yai gang members arrested for bashing student in San Sai Luang

Four members of an alleged Tai Yai gang have been arrested in relation to the unprovoked bashing of a student in San Sai Luang, San Sai Sept. 24.

The gang, known as the “Pan Lai,” or “Black Pigeon” gang attacked Mr. Aphimook Saengtui, 22 outside a 7-Eleven early Tuesday morning. The attack was unprovoked with the gang chasing the victim after he drove past them as they were gathered outside the San Sai Luang municipality building.

Mr. Saengtui said he had never seen the youth before and had no history with them.

The four accused were all Myanmar nationals –  Mr. Ong Kham, 21; Mr. Ong Yot Ngeon, 18. Mr. Bike Lung Sat, 17 and Mr. Rawi Or Lung Choo, 16.

They were detained in custody with police filing various assault and weapons charges.

San Sai Police assured locals that they were safe and not to worry as they were proactively policing the area to prevent these sorts of gang attacks occurring again.

Image: Khaosod