Thai Ambassador To Israel Visits Thai Workers Near Gaza Border

Thai Ambassador To Israel

The Thai ambassador to Israel has visited Thai workers in Israel to give them moral support after two of their compatriots were killed and eight others injured in a Palestinian rocket attack by the Hamas militant group on 18th May.

Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Tanee Sangrat said yesterday the ambassador, Pannabha Chandraramya, along with other senior embassy officials went to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva on 26th May to visit Attrachai Thamkaeo, a Thai worker wounded in the strike near the Gaza border.

Mr Thamkaeo was discharged from ICU after undergoing a second operation, Mr Sangrat said.

The Thai ambassador also visited around 40 other Thai workers in Moshav who were affected by the attack to lend moral support and hand out necessities.

The ambassador met the mayor of Eshkol, Gady Yarkoni, to discuss assistance and security measures for Thai workers in the agricultural sector such as the installation of warning systems and bunkers.

The embassy on 25th May arranged a repatriation flight for 263 Thais, including 18 workers affected by the 18th May attack on the Moshav Ohad agricultural settlement. All arrived in Thailand the next day.

The bodies of the two Thais killed in the Palestinian rocket strike were flown home on the same flight that landed at Suvarnabhumi airport at 12.30 pm on Wednesday.

The two workers were Weerawat Karunborirak, from Phetchabun, and Sikharin Sangamram, from Buri Ram.