Thai-Canadian woman arrested at border crossing with drugs in her bra

A Thai-Canadian woman has been arrested at the Poipet border crossing on drug smuggling charges after she was found to be hiding 0.617 grams ketamine in her bra.

The women, identified by Thai media as 25-year-old Sharon “Rose” Lowman, is believed to have spent an evening at a casino in Poipet – the Cambodian side of the border, before crossing back into Aranyapathet, the Thai side of the border crossing.

Police are said to have pulled her aside for a body search as she had bloodshot eyes and looked like she had been taking drugs.

Ms Lowman is said to have admitted the ketamine was hers and that she had acquired it for 1,000 baht outside the unnamed casino and that she had saved some to use later.

The woman has been detained pending legal proceedings.

Photo: Thai police