Thailand Braces For Typhoon Molave

Typhoon Molave

In a weather warning issued by the Meteorological Department on Tuesday, they said typhoon Molave was centred in the middle part of the South China Sea, about 675 kilometres from Vietnam, with wind speeds of up to 155km per hour.

Typhoon Molave is expected to make landfall in Vietnam today.

The typhoon, however, is forecast to lose steam and turn into a tropical storm before passing over Vietnam into Thailand, where the storm is expected to trigger heavy rain across large areas of the country, especially in the lower parts of the Northeast, said the department.

At the same time, a westerly wind across the Andaman Sea, the South and the Gulf of Thailand will strengthen, bringing isolated heavy rain with strong winds to the lower North, Northeast, East, Central and South.

The warning prompted Nakhon Ratchasima governor Wichian Chantharanothai to call an urgent meeting on Tuesday to discuss the province’s plan for coping with the impact of the storm in the already flooded areas of the province.

Levels of water in Lam Nam Mun river on Tuesday continued rising in flooded areas of Chalerm Phrakiat, Non Sung and Chakkarat districts, said Mr Chantharanothai, adding that the flood run-off was passing these districts into Phimai district.

The governor, at Tuesday’s meeting, instructed Phimai, Chum Phuang, Muang Yang and Lam Thamenchai districts, in particular, to prepare for a possible rise in the volume of flood run-off in the next few days. These districts were ordered to ensure an effective flood-prevention plan is put in place, said the governor.

Phimai, in particular, was told to prevent flooding from affecting its state-run hospital, historic parks and sites and business centre, he said, adding that shelters are being prepared in the event that evacuations are needed.

Phimai on Tuesday began speeding up dispensing water from Phimai dam, in order to deal with the higher volume of flood run-off expected to come with the arrival of the new storm, said an informed source.

A military force from the 2nd Army despatched to fight flooding in Nakhon Ratchasima on Tuesday began building a floodwall around Phimai National Museum, said the source. Close to 8,000 people have been affected by floods in 14 districts.


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