The Sixcret Show Needs Your Help To Survive – You Can Save The Show!

Sixcret Show

The Sixcret Show cabaret and drag show bar has been open in Chiang Mai, Thailand since 2018. In that short time, they’ve become a place for everyone, welcoming all nationalities and genders, as well as LGBTQI people, friends, and allies.

They’ve supported and hosted community events like Chiang Mai Pride, Queer Scape CNX, Kink Will Win Dance Arts, CMARC -Change Making Anti-Racism Coalition as well as events with Drag Race Thailand Superstars and working with local queer-positive organisations.

Sixcret Show Anti-Racism

The spread of COVID-19 made things very difficult for all businesses in Thailand, but particularly ones that cater to marginalized groups like Sixcret.

Still, they have been working hard to support themselves and their community; earlier in 2020, they were part of a three-month effort to collect donations and feed people who needed assistance during the first lockdown.

There are many Thai people suffering from the loss of income and the economic downward spiral and some who cannot live without income for 4 months have no choice but to return to their hometown.

In addition to that, living in a society where they do not know if they will be accepted or not, makes some young people uncomfortable and depressed during COVID-19.

After that lockdown ended, they started the shows again, even though the crowds weren’t what they used to be; still, if you go to secret often, you’ll know that even if there is only one person in the crowd, they’ll still put on a spectacular show.

Sixcret Show Chiang Mai Pride

The Sixcret family has fought to lift spirits and welcome us all, even as the lack of business meant debts were piling up.

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This second lockdown means that the bar has closed again. Unfortunately, this time is different, as the building owners have decided not to allow Sixcret’s lease to continue. The bar will need to find a new location in Chiang Mai.

We’re asking for your help to raise capital to find a new location for the show so that Sixcret Show can continue to be a place to see a wonderful show, host community, cultural, and queer events, and be a space for everyone.

With their debts mounting up they need to raise ฿100,000 as soon as possible to pay for the rent for December and January. Then they will need to continue to raise funds to pay for deposits, rental, and renovating a new location.

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All the time the entertainment venues are closed and they are searching for a new location they are not able to earn a living so some of the funds will go towards making sure all the members of staff can pay their bills.

Their overall target is ฿650,000 which might sound a lot but if everyone who wants to support Sixcret donated just the cost of a couple of drinks, say ฿400, we’d hit the target in no time!

Every little bit helps so please dig deep and share this fundraiser among your friends and family.

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