Third Visa Amnesty Will Be Proposed to the Cabinet

Immigration Thailand

In a brief announcement during today’s COVID-19 update in English, the deputy spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Natapanu Nopakun, said that a third visa amnesty is under consideration and will be proposed to the cabinet.

The current visa amnesty, which allows certain visa holders to remain in Thailand beyond the expiry date of their exit stamp date without penalization, is due to expire on 31st  July 2020.

There has been much speculation regarding what will happen after that date as thousands of foreigners using the visa amnesty remain in Thailand without any way of leaving the country due to continued airport closures in many nations worldwide.

Immigration Divisions in both Chiang Mai and Bangkok have opened second locations to deal with an expected influx of people as the end date for the current visa amnesty draws closer.

To date, there has been no official word about whether the amnesty will continue beyond the end of this month or an alternative solution put into effect to assist foreigners stranded in Thailand.

The deputy spokesman said that the Immigration Bureau is preparing a new round of automatic visa extension regulations for the Thai cabinet.

He advised everyone who is currently in Thailand on the visa amnesty to watch for further updates over the coming days.

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