Three arrested, 2.1M yaba tablets seized in joint operation in Tak

A joint operation between the Royal Thai Army, Chiang Mai Provincial District 5 Police, Tak Police, Chiang Rai Police and the Narcotics Control Division has resulted in the arrest of three Hmong men and the seizure of 2.1 million yaba tablets.

The arrests occurred in Ban Mae Rawan, Sam Ngao, Tak Saturday, Nov. 10 with at least one of the men attempting to flee when confronted transporting the drugs.

According to reports, the three men, Mr. Mangkorn Pisusirikul, 31, Mr. Anusorn Saeyang, 27 and Mr. Sua Saeyang, 41 had picked up the yaba in Chiang Rai and were transporting them south.

All three have been charged with both trafficking drugs with intent to sell and possesion of illegal drugs.