Three dead in murder-suicide in Chiang Dao

The bodies of three people have been found dead in a shop in Chiang Dao in what is believed to be a murder-suicide.

Police were called to the shop in Ban Wang Chom Moo 4, Tambon Chiang Dao by relatives who were concerned with the well being of the family.

Upon entrance they found the bodies of three people –  Mr. Phrun Boonkwang, 66, who had hung himself; Mrs. Chanjae Boonkwang, his wife who had died from stab wounds; and Mr. Viraphan Boonkwang, 44, the man’s son who had been beaten to death.

Flowers, liquor and incense had been left with the two bodies, seemingly by Mr. Boonkwang before he hung himself.

A daughter, who did not live with her parents, told police that her father and brother had been arguing over an inheritance prior to the murder-suicide.