Three Die After Receiving 2nd COVID-19 Jabs

COVID-19 Vaccine Thailand 2021

Three people in Samut Prakan have died after receiving two shots of COVID-19 vaccines.

The funerals of the three Samut Prakan residents, whose deaths are believed to be linked to the vaccinations, were held on Saturday at Wat Nam Daeng in Bang Phli district, according to local media outlets.

It was reported the first death was a 26-year-old man who died last Monday, less than a day after he was injected with Moderna as his second jab; his first shot was the Sinovac jab.

Doctors said the man died as a result of cardiac arrhythmia, a condition of the heart beating irregularly.

The second death was a 15-year-old school student whose relative said he died last Thursday, one day after he had received Pfizer as his second shot, according to the report.

The boy had the Pfizer vaccine for his first jab on 3rd November.

He suffered some side effects including a fever and difficulty breathing, said the report, citing information provided by the boy’s relative.

The boy suffered chest pains shortly after returning home from a vaccination centre where he received his second shot on Wednesday and was rushed to a hospital.

Doctors allowed him to go home after checking his condition but his condition worsened the following day and he was sent to the hospital again.

Doctors said the boy died as a result of diabetes.

The third death was a 25-year-old man who died last Friday, about a fortnight from the day he received his second shot of AstraZeneca.

The source said that before he died he suffered chest pains and difficulty breathing while his fingers turned blue.

Doctors said he died as a result of sepsis which resulted from his body system failing.