Three Myanmar workers murdered at Chang Dao longan farm

Three Myanmar nationals were found murdered at a house in a longan farm this morning, Oct 22.

The bodies were found in the house in Moo 4 Mae Na by the owner of the farm who employed the Myanmar natives.

All three bodies were found with wounds suggesting that they were beaten and stabbed to death with police also finding a bloody hammer and knife at the scene.

Of the victims, Mr. Chanta (not surname), 40 was found dead on a bed with his wife, Mrs. Nang Sai, 55, lying murdered next to him. A third person, Ms. Kham (no surname), 28 was found in another room of the house.

Relatives of the victims had been seen drinking in the house the previous day with police seeking to interview them.

Valuables, including gold jewelry, were missing from the house suggesting that theft may have been a motive for the horrific murders.

Photo: Khaosod