Three tigers dead from parvovirus at Chiang Mai Night Safari

Dangerous Tiger Tree

Three tigers have died following an outbreak of parvovirus at the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

The Bengal Tigers were aged 15, nine and six. All three feel are described as having been lethargic with diarrhea and refusing to eat food prior to their demise. Vets did attempt to save the tigers but were unsuccessful.

The parvo is believed to have been introduced to the safari by stray cats released by local villagers. The cats, having no fear of the Tigers are known to have played with them, exposing them to the virus in the process.

Vets are said to be vaccinating remaining tigers and lions at the safari, however, it’s not clear why they weren’t vaccinated to begin with. Attempts are also being made to disinfect all areas the dead tigers have come into contact with.

Parvovirus, known as feline panleukopenia in cats is a highly contagious disease that causes a severe infection that leads to gastrointestinal, immune system and nervous system issues. The mortality rate for the disease is between 25% to 90% and with one form of the disease 100%.

Photo: Maxpixel