Toll from weekend summer storms: one dead, 1,000+ buildings damaged

A spate of summer storms that ripped through parts of Chiang Mai Province on the weekend has resulted in the death of one person with over 1,000 buildings damaged.

The first storms came through on Saturday, April 20 particularly hitting areas of Nong Khwai and Mae Hia, Hang Dong hard, bringing down trees and power lines.

Large parts of Chiang Mai Province suffered power outages as a result with some areas without power for up to 24-hours.

A second and larger set of storms struck on Sunday, April 21 hitting multiple locations across the province including Mae Rim, Mae Taeng, San Pa Tong, Omkoi and Chom Tong.

In Mae Taeng a tree landed on a car on the road to Pai, killing one person and injuring five others.

In Omkoi, widespread “snow hail,” hail that gave the appearance of snow, was reported.

As of this morning, April 22 there are believed to have been over 1,000 buildings damaged across the province with the Governor deploying emergency services workers as well as the Royal Thai Army assisting with repairs.

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Posted by นพรัตน์พรกุศล เชียงใหม่ on Sunday, April 21, 2019